Our body is like a vessel which can obtain severe/bad energy (and therefore problems). Is your glass  (body) full or empty?


How do you feel after meetings, consultations, massages, the sauna, family get-togethers, partys or after your vacation?  How do you feel during work or after work? Without work? Do you live in luxury?  Are you rich? Are you poor? Does it feel easy or hard (heavy) on you?


If you answer any of the above mentioned question with “hard(heavy)” then this hardness/heavyness becomes a problem. Your job, your partner, your living circumstances even your richness becomes a problem – until the time when you are so heavy that you yourself become your own problem.


My vessel was filled up to the top and was heavy but here and now it’s completely different. The playful handling of energies, vessels and relationships made me become lighter.


from my heart,

Robin Mayer