Vesseling tip - What is the energetic vehicle?


The energetic vehicle is the light unpolluted part of our body. Therefore the empty vessel. At the beginning of our life we are light and unpolluted. This part brings out all of our talents and positive talents. Sience calls it our genes.


How do I find my energetic vehicle and how does that help me?


As a vesseling practitioner I have the ability to ‘read’ your own personal vehical. Finding out where your by birth given talents lay and where to find your own personal power. The knowledge of these can help you make important decisions and doing the right thing for you. But this won’t prevent you from emptying your vessels (vesseling).


How do I get better into my energetic vessel?


There is only one way to the energetic vehicle (empty vessel) and that is trying to keep your own vessel as empty as possible – and that’s what the vesseling consultations are for.


How long does a consultation to the energetic vehicle take?


Please plan approximately 1.5 hours for the consultation.


How do I prepare myself for the consultation?


Please read the free PDF about the energetic vehicle two to three times and write down 10 important questions concerning the energetic vehicle.


How much does the consultation cost?


Every consultation to the energetic vehicle has the equal price of 180,- Euros. This applies to all vesseling practitioners to be able to provide a constant high quality of work.




Important: “  Under no circumstances can or shall a vesseling consultation replace a doctors visit. We only work on the clients energy (vessel). This work also is neither medical nor diagnostic practice.  Please don’t stop taking any medication prescribed by a doctor.