What’s the purpose of a vesseling consultation?


The goal of our consultation is to free your vessel from heavy energies which can be the cause of problems and unhappy life situations. The lighter the vessel is the more healthy and happier a person can be/become.


With what kind of  problems/topics can I come?


There are no boundaries. I would be happy to help you find your topics.


How many consultations do I need?


To really get the vesseling process going you will need 3 consultations with a period of one to two weeks in between.


What happens during a vesseling consultation?


First we discuss the topic and how it makes you feel. Afterwards I work approximately 30 minutes on releasing your blockage. Then we will discuss for about 10 minutes what you’ve experienced.


What if I can’t come in person?


We can do a telephone consultation which is no different than one face to face.


How do I prepare myself as a client for the vesseling consultation?


It’s important that you make up your mind about your 3 most important topics – that means you define for yourself as clearly as possible what we should work on.  These can be physical or psychological problems, negative thoughts or life situations. Don’t be afraid, I’m happy to help you find the right topic. You then write down these 3 topics in one or maximum 2 sentences. More preparation is not necessary.


How long does a vesseling consultation take?


Please plan at least one hour for the consultation.


How much does one vesseling consultation cost?


Each vesseling consultation has the equal price of 120,- Euros. This applies to all vesseling practitioners to be able to provide a constant high quality of work.



Important: “  Under no circumstances can or shall a vesseling consultation replace a doctors visit. We only work on the clients energy (vessel). This work also is neither medical nor diagnostic practice.  Please don’t stop taking any medication prescribed by a doctor.